Miss B&J Afro-Cuisine - Menu
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Meat pie: Chicken wrapped in pastry dough $6.99 

Suya: Marinated beef sauté in spices $10.75

Puff Puff: Sweet puff puff serves with Hot sauce $6.50

Chicken gizzard: Marinated & sauté in spices serve with French Fry $7.99

Fried chicken wings: Seasoning chicken, serve with spicy dip $6.99

Drop Doughnut: Sweet doughnut served with spicy dip $6.75

Fish Roll: Marinated fish wrapped in pastry dough $8.99


                All Entrée come with your choice of meat

Njama Njama: Huckleberry leaves sauté with tomatoes and other seasoning, serve with fufu corn. $17.00

Ekwang: Grated coco wrapped in coco leaves seasoning other aromatic spices. $19.99

Hot Pot: Mixture of potatoes, bell peppers and other spices. $12.75

Cornchaff: Corn and beans simmered together, various spices. $13.95

Turning Banana: Banana mix with groundnut and other traditionally spices. $13.95

Yam porridge: Natural yam made palm oil with spinach $13.99

Pepper Soup: Spicy broth soup with extra spices pepper. Served with plantain or yaw $11.50

Achu Soup or Yellow Soup: Chicken or beef broth soup made limestone serve with taro fufu $16.15

Fufu & Eru: Spinach & okazi leave sauté with palm oil. Serve with pounded yam or Garri. $17.99

Okra soup & Fufu: Whipped okra served with pounded yam $12.99

Egusi/spinach soup & Fufu: Sauté melon seed with spinach & broth serve with pounded yaw or Garri $15.99

Cabbage stew: Cabbage sauté with tomatoes and carrot, served with rice or ripe plantain $11.50

Poisson Braise: Marinated roasted fish serve with dodo & hot sauce. $16.99

Fried Tilapia: Marinated tilapia deep fried, served with jollof or dodo $13.99

Koki Beans: Black eye peas, wrapped in banana leave and steam. Serve with ripe plantain or yam 14.25

Puff & Beans: Puff served with sauté beans in tomatoes & spices $12.99

Plantain & Beans: Red beans or black beans sauté with tomatoes sauce. Served with chicken or goat meat $13.25

Ndole: Bitter leave sauté with melon seed. Served with yam, plantain or dodo $15.50

Jollof Rice: Steamed rice sauté with tomatoes $13

Fried Rice: Steamed white rice sauté African spice $12.50

Rice & Stew: Steamed white rice served with tomatoes sauce $12.50



Jollof rice $3 

White Rice $3

Fried Rice $3

Dodo $3

Pounded Yaw $3

Steam plantain $3

Beans $3


Folere Drink $3.99

Malta $2.00 

Bottle water $1.50

Coca cola, Diet Cola, Ginger Ale, Sprite and Fanta $1.99


Naler Smoothie- Mix fruit $4.99

Fresh watermelon & Mango $4.99

Banana, pineapple & Mango $4.99

Coconut, Pineapple & Mango $4.99



Banana split: Deep fried banana with ice cream $7.99

Coconut banana split $8.99

Contact information:

Miss B and J Afro Cuisine

Phone: 773-754-0862

Email: missbjafrocuisine@gmail.com

Hours of Operation

Mon: Closed

Tus-Sat: 11am - 10pm

Sun: 1:30pm - 9:30pm


7027 N. Clark St. Chicago IL 60626